M. Marler
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Ms. Marler's 2013-2014 class assignments
Hello. My name is Melinda Marler. I am a Special Education teacher with certification in Grades K-12 and an additional certification in dyslexia identification and remediation and ESL (English as a Second Language). As a result of the "No Child Left Behind" legislation, Doerre (as well as many other Klein intermediate schools) again this year does not offer a Resource Reading or Resource ELA classes. Therefore, my responsibilities again this year are those of a certified teacher in a co-teach environment in 6th and 7th grade ELA classes. I will also be serving as a co-teacher in one 6th grade Social Studies class and one 8th grade Social Studies class. I will be rotating among these classes each period as indicated on my schedule.
ELA Co-Teach Classes
I will be partnering with Mrs. Boyle-Spears in her 2nd period 7th grade ELA class, Mrs. Raiyawa in her 3rd period 6th grade ELA class, and Mrs. Ally in her 4th & 7th period 7th grade ELA classes.
Social Studies Co-Teach Class
I will be partnering with Mrs. Watts in her 1st period 6th grade Social Studies class, and with Mrs. Fornea in her 6th period 8th grade Social Studies class.