Lyndie Tiller
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2nd graders are AWESOME!

This summer, keep learning and working! Here are some ideas:

-visit the public library and continue to read books on your child’s level

-make sure your child chooses a variety of genres *Examples: fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, poetry, and nonfiction*

-have “book talks” with your child *ask your child guided questions to help improve their comprehension and higher level thinking skills*

-visit to improve reading skills.

-have your child keep a summer journal. Ask them to write entries in it frequently! *Entries should contain a topic sentence, three or more detail sentences and a closing sentence.*

-practice math facts using flashcards

-log in to reflex math to practice math facts


School Supply Sale: 

School-wide meet the teacher: August 16th 5:00-7:00. 

First day of school: August 20th!



To contact Mrs. Tiller please e-mail
To contact Mrs. Smith please e-mail 

*We do ask when you need to contact us to e-mail us both at the same time*
*Class Dojo is also an excellent way to communicate with us! Check out the messaging feature*