Luz Garcia
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Paint the Community with Peace Week



Feb. 13


Wear Yellow - To keep on the sunny side of life and soak up the sunshine!

Wear something yellow!



Feb. 14



Wear Red - to show love and respect for everyone around you!

We will put the finishing touches on Lemm's Peace Banner to be displayed with all of Klein ISD's schools at Klein Memorial Stadium tomorrow!


Feb. 15

Wear Blue - to reach for the sky!

A drone will film all of Klein ISD's peace banners and supply us with a video!



Feb. 16


Team Day - In Klein, we are a TEAM!

Wear your favorite team shirt/or Jersey. Consider joining with your child in an outdoor activity!



Feb. 17


Wear a mix of colors or tie dye to celebrate the blending of colors throughout our community.

Wear a mix of colors or tie dye "Klein is Klein is Klein is Klein!"