Linda Kelley
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Mrs. Kelley, Transition Teacher
Mission Statement: We are dedicated to meaningful and joyful learning, and providing a safe, encouraging and supportive environment where students learn to communicate, interact and effect their environment.

Welcome to the Life 30 Program!  I have been a teacher for about 22 years, having received my degrees in Special Education, Elementary Education, and Psychology.  I also have additional certifications in early childhood and English as a Second Language (ESL).   I have been with Klein ISD for about 13 years, working at Klein Forest High School, Schindewolf Intermediate, and Klein Oak High School.  I am very excited to be at Klein High as a Transition Teacher for the 18+ program!

Our classroom environment promotes respect, dignity, support, encouragement, and perseverance.  And enthusiasm!  It provides a safe place for our students to learn and make real world choices. Tasks are accomplished independently and in groups, and individual strengths are used to build up areas of need. Social skills, organizational skills, and employment skills are practiced throughout the day, and  independence, safety, respect and dignity are promoted. Our school experience is a partnership between students, parents, school personnel, and the community.

I welcome college students who are specializing in education and need field experience. Beware - I will put you to work!

I can be reached at, and my school phone is 832-484-4251.  Have a safe and happy year!

Grading Guidelines:
Students will receive a daily activity participation minor grade.  For example, if they participate in all the activities the grade will be 100, or if they participate in 3 out of 6 activities the grade will be 50.  Criteria includes no more than 2 prompts per activity.
IEP objectives progress is a weekly major grade.  Making progress = 100, maintaining/no progress = 80, regression & showing effort = 75, and no progress & task refusal = 0 - 50.