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High school Credit Art; Advanced Art & Intermediate Art

Visual Art News

Hello! You have reached the web site which gives you access to activities, winners of contests, classroom necessities, and classroom rules for Mrs. Millican's Art Class!  Don't forget! We offer a high school credit art class in their 8th grade year. This class has a prerequesite of a portfolio review by the high school teachers.  This review includes the body of work from their 6th grade and 7th grade art classes.   Your child will experience a wide range of mediums including prisma colors, oil pastels and clay.  We also enter student art work in several art contests.  The art contests include Scholastic Art, Rodeo Art, Junior Vase, Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Youth Art Month Capital Show and Dog Show Art.   If your child decides to participate In Junior Vase your child will get valuable experience interviewing  with professional artists!
The ultimate goal is the satisfaction of producing original art work that is personal, but also award winning.  Each year we build on the knowledge and skills to help your child achieve his or her highest goals in the visual arts while developing a knowledge of  the elements and principles of design.   Grades are determined as follows: Project Grades (art work) constitute 60% of the total grade each six weeks. In addition, each student will have written assignments, quizzes, and written work in Art. All quizzes, daily grades and written grades will account for 40% of the grades each six weeks. These grades are derived from the Slide Warm-up drawn of a slide during the first five minutes of each class period and from the student’s participation in the class work each day.

To be prepared for class students keep a folder with pockets, brads, and notebook paper with the provided slide warm-up sheet in their tote tray and bring or keep a pencil for daily use.

 Thank you for all the support you give us throughout the school year! I do not have a conference period. My email address is; lmillican@kleinisd.net.  This is the best way to contact me.