Krahn Clinic
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School Nurse:
Destiny Trevino, BSN, RN
Phone: (832) 484-6465
Fax: (832) 484-6546

Clinic Assistant:
Margarita Ramirez, MA
Phone: (832) 484-6481
Fax: (832) 484-6546

Medication Policy 

  • All medications, prescription OR over-the-counter, must be brought to the school clinic by a parent or guardian. 
  • Please do not send medications to school with your student. 
  • Medications maybe given in the school clinic for 10 days with a written permission note from a parent or guardian. 
  • All medications (inhalers, pain reliever, etc.) that need to be given for longer than 10 days must have a Dr.'s authorization. 
  • Please pick up unused medication in the clinic after the 10 days have expired. No medications will be sent home with student. 
  • Antibiotics that are prescribed for 3x a day should be given: before school, after school and at bedtime. 

Please Visit our Health Services Website for additional information