Krahn Clinic
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Children often times find themselves in need of a change of clothing.  Falling in the mud, food & drink spills, nosebleeds and restroom accidents are some examples.  
Please make sure that you have a change of clothing in your child's backpack each day.
In the event your child needs a change of clothing during the day, we will try to find suitable clothing for your child.  Our supply is limited though.  Please launder the borrowed clothing and return to the school clinic after use.  If your child was in need of underwear, please keep that at home and replace the clinic pair with a new pair. 

If you would like to 
donate clothing to the clinic, we are always in need of new underwear, both boys and girls, in sizes 6-16.  At this time we could also use boys pants in sizes 6-10.  We do have very limited space for storage, so to avoid an unnecessary trip to the clinic, you may want to call us ahead of time.