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2016-17 Menus, Nutrient Analysis & Allergen Information
Birthday Snacks Nutrition & Ingredient Lists CLICK HERE

Food/Snack Guidelines:

  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to obtain birthday snacks through the Mueller cafeteria.  The cafeteria requires one week’s prior notice.  In addition to the front office, your child’s teacher will also need to be notified two weeks in advance.
  • Any parent/guardian providing a food or a snack for students must provide the front office with a written description of the food item and ingredients two weeks in advance.  Please refrain from bringing food items that contain nuts of any kind.
  • Snacks for individual consumption must be individually wrapped.
  • Birthday snacks will be distributed at the end of the lunch period.  Parents must leave the snack with the front office.
  • Written consent from a parent/guardian must be obtained upon enrollment once year before a student will be permitted to consume a birthday snack from the cafeteria.  If your student does not return the permission form, they will not be given the birthday snack.
  • In keeping with the KISD wellness policy, parents are encouraged to provide a healthy treat for students, such as fresh fruit, yogurt, or granola bars.


Instead of a food treat, consider bringing a toy from the dollar store instead.  Your student’s classmates will remember the toy a lot longer than it takes to eat a birthday treat and the cost can be comparable.  Everyone can participate and not worry about allergies!