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MLA format

The MLA format can be tricky...

  • Make a copy of this template and get a jump start on your paper. 
  • You will need to input your info in place of the pre-filled-in portions. 
  • Don't forget to rename your paper from "Report" to something else (check with your teacher for their preferred naming convention)
  • Please note: you won't be able to edit this template unless you make a copy into your Google Drive first!

Tips and Tricks:

You can generate a citation inside your Google Doc if you have found a source out on the Web.
This presentation steps you through the process.

For more help with your Works Cited page, take a look at the OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue. Click onto any of their other links along the left side of the page for more tips, like a sample Works Cited page and In-Text Citations.

If you want a more fully automated citation tool, Easy Bib is pretty easy.