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Finding Images and More for Your Projects

So part of being a good digital citizen is using images in your projects that you have permission to use. 

There are a ton of sources for excellent photographs and clip art that are either in the public domain (require no attribution) or are creative commons (you are free to use the images as long as you give the artist credit). 

Here are some of the best:

You can also filter Google Images results for only those images that are free to use, share or modify. Set those "Usage Rights" preferences here.

If you want to make your own graphics, here are several online tools you can use:

Do you need to edit an image? It's easy with one of these online photo editors:

Music and Sound Clips

Do you need sound in your presentation? Again, make sure you are using songs or sound clips that are not copyrighted, especially if you plan to post your project on the web.

Here are some great sources for audio:

Maybe you want to create your own music. You can do that with JamStudio.