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Parliament Class Period Introduced January 3, 2017
Each Tuesday, Alternative Classes will follow a slightly revised bell schedule in the morning to provide a “Parliament Class Period”. This class period will provide time for work in a class setting on character development, school-wide and/or district-wide initiatives, or individual student-to-teacher work in a particular course. The structure of the “Parliament Class Period” will be developed by campus administrators and counselors with input from instructional staff. Period 1 will still begin at 7:15 am and Period 7 will end at 2:25 pm. The Parliament Class Period was introduced to students on January 3, 2017 and will continue each Tuesday during the school year. Students and staff will have an opportunity to work on a "Paint the Community with Peace" banner during sessions on January 10 and January 17. The Alternative Classes "Peace" banner will be included in an all-district peace quilt that will be displayed and video taped on February 16, 2017 at the Klein ISD Stadium.
Second Semester for All Klein ISD Students Began Tuesday, January 3, 2017!
Classes resume and second semester began for Klein ISD students on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. *Monday, January 16, 2017 is Martin Luther King holiday – a holiday for both students and school personnel. *Monday, February 20, 2017 is a Staff Development Day for school personnel and a student holiday.
"Better Never Stops" with More Opportunities to Tour the Alternative Classes Campus

Administrators, counselors, teachers, and staff ask you to join us in “making it better in 2016-2017”.

You are welcome to take a tour of the campus on school days between the hours of 2:30 and 3:30 pm. Please call the Alternative Classes office in advance to request the tour: (832) 249-4801. When you arrive at the Klein ISD Annex, 7302 Kleingreen Lane, Klein, 77379, park your vehicle in the Annex southwest parking lot (located directly across the street from Mittelstadt Elementary). Enter through the doors marked “Welcome to Alternative Classes”. Staff will greet you and provide a copy of your student’s schedule for a tour of the campus designed around your student’s schedule.

Here's Information on How to Prepare for the First Day of Assignment
Here’s a few tips for a good first day with Alternative Classes -
  • Wear the Alternative Classes dress code apparel to school: beige khaki pants, white shirt with a collar (no logo), brown or black belt with a small belt buckle, white or black shoes with matching color shoelaces.
  • Bring loose leaf paper, a pen & a pencil.
  • Bring your completed AGR card as reviewed and signed by parent/guardian. This sheet was included in a packet of information mailed to your residence that included information about this program.
  • If you are enrolled in PE, bring shorts & a t-shirt for PE dress out. (You can bring PE apparel on the second day of attendance.) Campus PE apparel is also available to students on a daily loan basis.
  • Transportation Department personnel or your home campus Assistant Principal will call with a bus number & approximate pick up time prior to the first day of assignment. If you have not received a call two days prior to the start of assignment, call your transportation center: Residences north of FM 1960: (832) 249-4575 or (832) 249-4590 Residences south of FM 1960: (832) 249-4106.
  • Questions? Call the Alternative Classes office: (832) 249-4801. We can help!
Alternative Classes Dress Code
A standardized dress code for students assigned to Alternative Classes was approved by Klein ISD Board of Trustees and adopted in 2004-2005 and continues with school year 2016-2017. The dress code remains effective and is enforced from the time students board the bus for transit to school until the student de-boards the bus at their assigned stop. Alternative Classes dress code for both girls and boys includes beige khaki pants worn at the waist (no shorts, Capri length pant, skirt, skort, or dress), a solid color black, brown, or white belt with a small belt buckle, a white shirt with a collar (no logo or writing) that is long enough to tuck neatly into pants at the waist, and white or black shoes with corresponding colored shoelaces. A white, grey, or black undershirt may be worn under the white collared shirt for warmth. A white or grey sweatshirt (no hood, no logo or writing) can be worn for classroom appropriate outer wear.

Shirts must be tucked into pants with the belt showing and pants must be worn at the waist on arrival to school. The dress code is strictly enforced – campus Isolated Lunch, Isolated Instruction or Out of School Suspension could be assigned on the first dress code violation.
Parent/Guardian Help with Return of a Current AGR-Enrollment Card

Please assist us by providing your current contact and demographic information on the AGR/enrollment card included in a packet of information that is mailed to your residence. The information on the AGR/enrollment card is used by campus administrators, counselors, the school nurse, teachers, and other staff to communicate with you about your student. We want to continue our efforts to insure that you have the information you need about your student’s academic plan, behavior and health. If a current AGR card has not been returned to the school, please call an administrator or office personnel to inform our staff on how you will deliver the completed card. We will be glad to arrange an appointment for return of the card and a tour of the campus.

                                        Brian Marr, Director, Contact phone: (832) 249-4810

                                        Ken Wetzel, Assistant Director, Contact phone: (832) 249-4803

                                        Alternative Classes Office: (832) 249-4801

                                        Spanish Speaking Facilitator: 832) 249-4161 (Cynthia Gamboa)

Students who fail to return a completed AGR card within five days of their first day of enrollment in Alternative Classes may be assigned to Isolated Lunch or Isolated Instruction. Further delay or failure to return the completed card as verification of residence in Klein Independent School District can result in the student’s withdrawal from the district. 

"Timely" Attendance Tips

Make plans to attend school everyday and arrive on time (the school bus will always bring students to school on time).

If a parent or guardian provides transportation to school, the parent or guardian should come into the office to sign the student in. Arrival at school should be between 6:45 a.m. and 6:55 a.m. 1st period class begins at 7:15 a.m.

A student is tardy to 1st period class between 7:16 a.m. and 7:31 a.m.

A student who arrives after 7:31 a.m. is absent to first period (the student has missed 15 or more minutes to 1st period class).

Excessive absences to 1st period can result in “no credit” in the course. Please refer to the student handbook.

At dismissal, buses are released at the close of 7th period - 2:25 p.m. If a parent or guardian provides transportation from school, please arrive in the main office between between 2:10 and 2:25 p.m. to sign your student out.

Hat's Off to Director Brian Marr and Assistant Director Ken Wetzel & a Word About Retired Director K. E. Kaufman
Hat's Off -

The Klein ISD Board of Trustees approved Brian Marr as Director of the DAEP (Alternative Classes) effective July 1, 2016, on the retirement of K. E. Kaufman
. Brian Marr had completed four years at the DAEP as Assistant Director. Mr. Marr transferred from Klein Oak High School in August 2012 to become K. E. Kaufman's assistant. Director Brian Marr is joined by Assistant Director Ken Wetzel who transferred from an Assistant Principal position at Strack Intermediate.

A Word or Two About K. E. Kaufman -

Mr. Kaufman opened Alternative Classes in January 1994 with a staff of 10 that included English teacher Claudette Hunt and school secretary Mary McVeigh. Mr. Kaufman built the disciplinary alternative education program from the ground up at the "old Annex" facility on Stuebner Airline Road (now demolished but once located on Klein High School and Athletic Department properties). His years of experience as a Social Studies teacher, coach, Assistant Principal, and Associate Principal served the district well as he developed a program designed to provide sound instruction to DAEP students as well as a disciplinary program that could help the students make better choices. In June, 2016, Mr. Kaufman retired with 40 years of service in Klein ISD.

Counselors Continue to Put Their Heart in Their Work; Administrators Clay Lowry and Kevin Wood Round Out the Administrative Team -

Lead Counselor Colleth Punch joined the Alternative Classes counseling staff in 2005, transferring from Klein High School. Letrece Catchings joins the Alternative Classes in January, 2017, transferring to the second counselor position with Alternative Classes from Klein Intermediate. Clay Lowry and Kevin Wood will continue to assist the administrative and counseling staff in administrator roles during the course of the school year.
Alternative Classes Attendance Requirements
The KISD Student Handbook contains a guideline concerning attendance at the Alternative Education Classes. The approved recommendation states that a student assigned to the disciplinary alternative education program (Alternative Classes) will be required to make up days missed due to truancy and/or Out of School Suspension for disciplinary incidents before returning to his/her home campus.
Reporting a Student Absence from School
Please phone attendance secretary Sarah Lawrence, 832-249-4804, before or on the date of your student’s absence. Send a note to the attendance secretary that specifies the dates and reason of your student’s absence whenever your student is absent from school. This note should be received in the attendance office within five days of the absence. Refer to the KISD Student Handbooks for information on student attendance.
Procedures On Arrival To School
On arrival to school, students must be in dress code attire, have shirts tucked in at the waist and belts on and fastened. As students enter the Annex building each day, they should be prepared to remove their belt, turn out all pockets from pants, and remove any metal objects that would cause alert from a metal detector. Metal objects should be turned over to designated Alternative Classes staff who supervise transit through a metal detector. Students must pass through the metal detector with palms up.
Instructional Staff
Twenty six teachers instruct students in the core academic areas of English Language Arts (English and Reading), Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as electives in the areas of Art, Business (Technology), Health, Physical Education, Spanish, and Speech Communications.
Bilingual Educational Secretary, Cynthia Gamboa

Cynthia Gamboa is one of three English and Spanish bilingual personnel at Alternative Classes. She is the Spanish speaking facilitator for the campus. To contact her directly, call (832) 249-4161. Cynthia joins the Alternative Classes staff this year with experience in other educational settings, including Klein ISD. Other bilingual personnel include Spanish teacher Cecilia Martinez and teacher assistant Giovanna Alvarez.

en español -

Cynthia Gamboa es uno de los tres personal bilingüe en inglés y español en el campus de clases alternativas. Ella es el facilitador que habla español para el campus. Si tiene alguna pregunta, necesita un poco de información, reportar una ausencia o condición médica o cambio de medicación puede ponerse en contacto con ella directamente al (832) 249 - 4161. Cynthia se une al personal de las clases alternativas de este año con experiencia en otros entornos educativos, incluyendo cinco años de servicio con Klein ISD. Otros personal bilingüe incluyen la maestra de español Cecilia Martínez y asistente de maestra Giovanna Álvarez.

Skyward Family Access (Once ParentLink) Communication Service
Students assigned to Alternative Classes are enrolled in the district's web-based communication service. Effective September 2016, district campuses utilize Skyward Family Access (once ParentLink) to send information to parents as soon as possible. The service delivers informative and emergency messages to parents via several communication methods including phone and e-mail. Should schools need to close early due to weather, for example, this system would notify you via home phone, cell phone, or email. In addition, schools use Skyward Family Access (once ParentLink) to keep you up to date on other important information. More information about Skyward Family Access can be found on the home page of the district's website. The link to Skyward Family Access follows:

Skyward Link:

Revisions Made to Student Handbooks at All Grade Levels
Revisions have been made to the district's Student Handbooks at all grade levels. The handbooks are accessible from the district's website effective December 1, 2016: or simply click on the link below to access the handbooks: