Kayla Chrisman
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Welcome to 1st Grade!

Our class is in the house of Valde!  Our motto is "We have the power!"

Don't forget to turn in your Easter Eggs!  Each student needs 6 eggs filled with stickers, erasers, etc. (no candy). Please have those turned in by March 31st at the latest!

Also, our Spring Hat Parade is coming up on April 1st! Make your hat out of paper or buy one and snazz it up! See you on April 1st at 8:30am!

Below are the notes from Curriculum Night 2015!

Reading Tips:

Study Skills:

Enjoy this video below about the Celebration Bus traveling around our District!



It’s nearing the end of the year, and we know that “Open House” and “Meet the Teacher” seem ages ago so here are some reminders of a few of the positive reinforcements and incentives that we use in our class.  Thanks!

Mrs. Chrisman and Mrs. Downey

  • Eagle Bucks (Holiday season we also had candy canes that they could color in a stripe in addition to eagle bucks to earn a prize).
  • Treasure Box every Friday with “Classroom Coupons” for: happy visits, shoes off, homework pass, bring a stuffed animal to school, pick a prize, etc.  Students take home their coupon and show their parents, then return it to school for use.
  • “Wow Wall” of student work that is exceptional based on individual students skill level.  Students also receive an eagle buck every time their work is put on the “Wow Wall”.
  • Homework chart-gets checked off every week the student turns in all their homework.  At the end of the 9 weeks, if they turned it all in, they get a prize.
  • “E” lunch every week (that it’s not raining J)- students who received E’s all week get lunch outside with the teachers on Friday.  If it’s raining outside, they get a free trip to treasure box instead!
  • “On A Roll”-every Friday we choose 2 students from each class that have made great improvements or have had great character all week.  They make a hat with a cinnamon roll on it that reads “I’m on a roll!” and wear it all day so that everyone they pass in the hallway can see how awesome they are doing.
  • Math fact certificates with awards for students earning an 80 or above on math fact tests. Also, there is a race track with race cars that students get to move each time they reach their goal.
  • Planner is signed everyday-if student gets an “E”, they write it themselves in their chosen color and receive a stamp/sticker everyday they get an “E” as well.  If there are behaviors that parents need to be informed of, we include that with their conduct grade for the day.