K. Kulhanek-Rochin
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Cheerleading Results Spring 2015
Congratulations 2015-16 Cheerleaders

8th grade
Makaila Awe
Liliana De Los Santos
Zoe Duschinski
Lupita Garza
Savannah Guchereau
Jessica Pearl
Erin Riley
Grace Tracy

7th grade
Jacqueline Barnes
Toni Birner
Abby Colie
Evi Garza
Hailey Garza
Lily Koop
Elyse Surber
Lucy Tidwell

Emma Boland

Welcome to Doerre Intermediate!

       I am extremely proud to be Associate Principal at Doerre Intermediate for the 11th year. This is an exciting time to be part of the Klein ISD school community. The possibilities of what we can achieve really are limitless. I have been privileged to visit many schools in the state, nation and worldwide, but I have to say that I have never been to a school as unique and special as this. This is a school with a deep sense of community; the students are incredible young people who show a real commitment and conscienceness. The teachers and staff are extremely dedicated in ensuring that all our students are engaged and inspired to achieve and believe in themselves. The parents and community invest more time, energy and care into the school than I have experienced in any other school. All of these factors create the special conditions needed for a successful learning community.
         Welcome to our school and we look forward to you joining us on our journey to strive to be an excellent 21st century learning community where the whole school community can thrive and meet the challenges of a constant changing global landscape.

Klein ISD Board Meeting
Walter Kase Excellence Award Reception
I am the Associate Principal here at Doerre. The students call me "Mrs. K". In intermediate school, there are many exciting changes, classes, teachers, new friends and many decisions to make. Our “magic formula” for success is high expectations and hard work. Doerre is an exemplary school with great pride and many accomplishments. The students are impressive both in character and academics. Everywhere I go in the community, I hear positive comments about Doerre students. We are proud of our students, teachers and community volunteers.

Mrs. K speaks Spanish as well.
Mrs. K habla Espanol.

Doerre Students Help Those Suffering in Somalia (see link)