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    Parents, Guardians, and Students.  I am excited about this school year and will be
     looking forward to getting to know you this year.  There are many resources and
     helps available. Follow the links on this website for more information about the
     course syllabus, homework, expectation, and tests. Below is a tutorial schedule.
     Notice that I can schedule times other than those listed if you need help.   
      I'm looking forward to a great year as we increase our knowledge together. I will be teaching Pre-AP
     Geometry classes this year.  The syllabus for geometry is linked below.  

Pre-AP Geometry Syllabus 2016-2017


Name: Shari Aries                                             Conference Period: 5th  

E-Mail Address:


Name: Tammy Harayda                                 Conference Period: 5th

E-Mail Address:


Name: John Martin                                        Conference Period: 5th 

E-Mail Address:



COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course emphasizes the investigation and use of relations, properties, and measurement of surfaces, lines, and angles in one, two, and three-dimensional figures. It is designed to develop deductive reasoning and to emphasize problem solving using proofs and definitions while integrating algebraic concepts.  For a list of the TEKS for this course please visit:


Grading System

Major Grades

      70%   Tests/Exams (excluding final exams)

Minor Grades

      20%   Quizzes, Classwork, Warm-Ups/Notes


     10%   Homework            


Late Work Procedures

A homework assignment will receive a 25 point deduction if 1 day late until unit test 1. Between test 1 and test 2 same unit test will receive no more than a 50, following the 2nd unit test the maximum grade will be a 25 for missing work.


Re-Test Procedures

Klein Oak’s “Redo/Retest” Policy will be followed:


Retake Test Grade Guidelines


Students will take two tests on each unit.  The first test will be multiple choice and the 2nd test will be mostly open ended/short answer. Both test grades will be taken, and the 2nd test may replace the 1st test if the score is greater. However, the 1st test may not replace the score of the 2nd test.  To repair the grade on the 2nd test, all homework must be completed for the unit and then the student may retest the unit in Panther Den or at a time set before or after school by the teacher. The 3rd testing may replace all unit tests, with a lower grade score, to a maximum grade of 75.


Quiz Grade Guidelines


 A passing grade on the 2nd test will replace a quiz grade up to a maximum of 80. If the test grade is lower than the quiz grade, the quiz grade will not be lowered. If a test is not given over the same material as the quiz, the quiz grade will not be changed.




Standard test days are Monday and Thursday. Tests are allowed on other days with principal approval.








Students are allowed the same number of days they were absent to make-up homework.  Please refer to blackboard for access to all assignments, notes, recordings, etc.


If a test is missed, the student should make it up as soon as possible to maximize performance. The test must be made up within a two week period. We have scheduled tutorial and test make-up times listed below in the table. 






Laptops are used on a daily basis.

a.   Online Book at good helps site is

b.   Pencils only on tests and quizzes.

c.   Graphing calculator needed, but not required to purchase.


*The syllabus is subject to change throughout the school year.

Tutorial Schedule

 I will be available for Tutorials on:
              Tuesday:  2:30 - 3:30 pm
            Thursday:  2:30 - 3:30 pm

Note:  In addition to this schedule, I will be available for you to schedule times with me as needed.