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I.Facility Fee and PE Uniform Costs
A.PE uniforms and fees will be paid through the Physical Education Department. The uniform cost is $16.00 ($8.00 for shorts, $8.00 for the shirt) and the facility fees are $3.00 per semester ($6.00 a year). The total for the year is $22.00.
B.PLEASE NOTE: PE locks are returned at the end of the school year.

II.Gym Attire
A.PE uniform must have the students name displayed (last name, first initial) in permanent marker written by their coach. No other writing other than the student’s name will be allowed on the uniform. Destruction of uniforms will result in purchasing a new one. 
B.Uniforms should be taken home at the end of every week and laundered. 
C.PE Rental suits will be available on a daily basis for fifty cents or an alternative activity.
D.Tennis shoes with shoestrings that can be tied and socks must be worn. NO backless, cleats, flip flops, or wheeled shoes will be allowed.

III. Dressing Out
A.The students are expected to dress out every day regardless of whether or not they are excused from active participation. Students must be dressed out completely (PE shirt, PE shorts, socks, athletic shoes, hair pulled back and no jewelry) in order to receive full credit for that day. Shirts must be tucked in and shorts must be pulled up around the waist (not rolled).
B.No other apparel should be worn under or over the gym suit unless specified/approved by a coach. Disciplinary action will result for students who refuse to dress out. 
C.For personal safety reasons, jewelry cannot be worn during gym class (stud earrings must be covered with medical tape provided by the student), hair must be pulled up and away from the face and gum is not allowed. Each violation will result in a deduction of all dressing out points. 
D.No dressing in the bathroom or shower stalls.

IV.Temporary Excuses
A.A signed excuse from a parent or guardian will be acceptable for a maximum of three days. The note should include the date, reason for the excuse, number of days to be excused, parent’s signature, and phone number. This note will excuse the student from active participation only; suiting out will still be required. An alternate assignment will be given.
B.After this three-day period, a doctor’s note is required. If the doctor’s note is excessive in length, dressing out is still required and an alternative assignment will be given.

A.The student must be inside the locker room before the tardy bell rings or they will receive a school-wide tardy.
B.Students must be in the designated area on time for roll call.

A.Make-up work will be handled per the student handbook. After an absence, the student is to check with his/her instructor for any missed work.  

VII.Locks and Lockers
A.Lockers are assigned to each student and may not be changed or shared.
B.A lock will be issued by the Physical Education department and will need to be returned at the end of the year. Lost locks must be purchased for$5.00. Only locks issued by the physical education department are allowed.
C. All possessions must be locked in the student’s locker at all times. Krimmel is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is the responsibility of the student, not the P.E. department to check the locker area for any items left out. It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure their locker is locked.

VIII. Health 
A. A spiral notebook will be needed for Health lessons. 

IX. Dressing Room Rules
A. Gum is not permitted in any athletic/PE class. No food is allowed in the gym or locker room. 
B. Students entering the dressing room must proceed directly to their dressing area. 
C. Bottled water purchased in the locker room may not be removed from that area. Water may be purchased at the end of class only. Empty bottles are to be put in the trash containers.
D. Students will not be allowed in the dressing room during the school day unless assigned to a physical education class at that time. 
E. Running, fighting, yelling, throwing or horse playing in the dressing room will result in disciplinary action.
F. Any abuse of school property will result in disciplinary action. 
G. Dirty towels and rent suits are to be placed in the hampers for laundering.
H. Coaches dismiss classes, not the bell. Standing at the door before dismissal will not be allowed.
I. Aerosol sprays and glass containers of any kind are prohibited.
J. Cell phone and cameras must be turned off and locked up at ALL times while in the locker room. If it is seen out or in use, it will be turned into the office and a discipline referral will be issued. 
K. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior will result in a deduction of the student’s points for the day and possible disciplinary action. 
L. Continued non-compliance of rules will result in a discipline referral.

X. Grading
A. Each PE day 100 points (50 points for participation and 50 points for dressing out).