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Come check us out !!!

Hildebrandt Intermediate School is most fortunate to have a dynamic library filled with more than 24,000 books, magazines, and Internet sources that enrich the learning process of all students. The library provides a variety of materials on all research topics assigned by classroom teachers. During research periods, books and materials are reserved so that they are available for student use before and after school at lunch, as well as the assigned class periods. Useful materials may be photocopied for .10 per page.

Library Rules !!!
Come on in !!! The welcome mat is always out at the Hildebrandt Library !!!

Students are encouraged to use the library:

* Before school with a teacher pass, or a note from a parent or guardian. Students with these kinds of passes may determine when they enter the library, but after entering, must remain until the bell rings to go to first period. The library open at 8:30 A.M.

* During class with a pass from teacher.

* At lunch with a pass from any teacher. Once a student enters the library, he/she must remain until the end of the lunch period.

* Between classes students may return books if they are able to do without being tardy to class.

* After school no pass is required and students may leave after concluding their library work. The library closes at 4:15 p.m.
Check Out Your Library !!!
* Books may be checked in or out at any time during the school day.

* All materials except those designated reference, may be checked out for 14 days.

* Students my check out 2 books from the library at any given time as long as their record is clear of fines, overdues, or lost items.
Check In Your Library !!!

* There are no fines on books that are turned in early or on time !!!

* Fines for overdues books are (.05) per day.

* All fines are exclusive of weekend and holidays.

* The maximum fine on a book or library item is $1.00.

* Absense does not excuse payment of fines.

* When an overdue item is returned or renewed, the fine stops. The fine may be paid at a later date.

Amanda Wuensche, Hildebrandt Librarian, 832-249-5047
Susan Schiller, Hildebrandt Librarian Assistant, 832-249-5047

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