Hassler Library
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Check out Hassler's amazing online resources! Click on the image to access the website!


KISD's web-based catalog for younger students to search for library books and digital media.


KISD's web-based catalog of the district’s library books and digital media. It uses a search format designed for adults and students.


PebbleGo is a database designed specifically for students in grades K-3. Reading and research tools are included that are developmentally appropriate for teaching skills to emergent readers.


TumbleBookLibrary is collection of animated picture books that teach children the joys of reading in an online format. This resource is most suitable for elementary students.


Access to both the secondary and elementary versions of the encyclopedia .



This database has information in all areas of the curriculum. Students should use Kids Infobits to find information about most research topics. It includes information from reference books, magazines, and newspapers, as well as images.

TrueFlix is an online resource that combines True Books content with related videos, images, Web links, and text. It is a great resources for science and social studies in 3rd-5th grades.


Here is a really fun website to create your own poetry!


Here is an additional link for more poetry fun!