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6th Grade Science


Welcome to 6th Grade Science!


My name is Sharon Gace (pronounced Gay-cee). This is my 23rd  year of teaching, but this is my first year at Doerre. I am a native Texan and grew up in Tomball, Texas. After I graduated from Tombal High School, I received my Bachelor's Degree from Sam Houston State University. I look forward to sharing my love for science and exploration with your children! If you have any questions, my email is always the best way for you to reach me-

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6th Grade Science Guidelines and Classroom Expectations

Course Syllabus

  • Scientific Investigation
  • Chemistry
  • Matter
  • Forms of Energy
  • Force and Speed
  • Geology
  • Space History
  • Astronomy
  • Ecology

 Classroom Expectations:

*Be prepared for class      *Do homework      
*Ask questions       *Study for tests and
*Respect the Learning Environment *Respect yourself and others :)

1. Please bring your own supplies to class every day, including your charged laptop.

2. Please get water and use the restroom before the bell.

3.  Science daily assignments are due the day after being assigned.  Late papers will be accepted up to 3 days with a penalty. On major assignments, the penalty is 10 points per day up to 3 days. 

4. Warm-Ups will be given every day at the beginning of class. The total of the Warm-Up grade will be a grade at the end of each Quarter.

5. Progress reports will be coming home once per quarter so that you know how your child is doing. However, Skyward is up 24/7 and you can check on your child’s progress at any time. You are encouraged to check Skyward on a regular basis to track your child’s progress in science. The counselors can assist you if you need help with getting logged on.

6. When absent, students should check Google classroom to find out what you missed in class. Ask the teacher for any papers that you need.

Grading Scale:  A 90 – 100      B 80 – 89      C 75 – 79      D 70 – 74      F     0 – 69      

Test Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Grading Policy:

Major Grades - Exams and Major Projects = 60%

Daily Grades - Classwork/Homework/Labs/Quizzes = 40%

Homework Policy:

Homework must be turned in on time.  Late submission of homework will be accepted but it is highly encouraged that student turned in their homework as soon as they can.

Late work for Daily Assignme                 Late work for Major Assignments:

30 points deduction for all later papers          10 points per day deduction

After 4 days= 50% is the highest for Daily and for Major Assignments            

If you have any questions or concerns and would like to contact me, my e-mail address is My conference period is from 1:15-2:00 (5th period).