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Parent Connection - View Your Child's Grades, Homework and Attendance
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Parent Connection - Inscríbase para poder ver el las calificaciones, tareas, y record de asistencia de su hijo/a.
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Home and School Connection / Revista de Vinculo entre la Casa y la Escuela
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This is a Klein ISD magazine that will give you ideas of how to work together with the school to help your child reach academic success.
Esta es una revista del distrito de Klein, el cual, le dará ideas de como puede trabajar con la escuela para ayudarle a su niño/a alcanzar el éxito académico.
New Student Enrollment / Inscripciones Para Nuevos Estudiantes
New Student Enrollment / Inscripciones Para Nuevos Estudiantes
School Hours / Horario de Escuela
7:30 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. Monday through Friday
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Visitors - Visitas a la Escuela
Klein Check in Procedures En Español

Effective immediately, Klein ISD has implemented the following check in procedures:
1. When a visitor comes to the front office, the individual must produce a Texas driver's license. The license will be scanned using the V-soft system, and a visitor's badge will be printed. Visitors will not be permitted in the building without a badge.
2. Registration cards will be checked for verification that the person is permitted to have contact with the child.
3. Visitors must sign in and out on the visitor's sheet.
4. Only parents may eat lunch with a child.
Attendance / Asistencia
Please remember that any student arriving to school AFTER 8:20 a.m. will be counted as TARDY. Also, a student arriving after 9:45 a.m. will be counted as ABSENT. However, the absence may be dropped by presenting a medical note stating that the student was seen by a doctor or a dentist. If this is the case, please submit the medical note upon arrival.
**Por favor mantenga presente que si un estudiante llega a la escuela después de las 8:20 a.m. va a ser alistado como TARDE. También, si el estudiante llega después de las 9:45 a.m. va a ser alistado como AUSENTE. Pero, la ausencia se puede anular si se presenta una nota del medico indicando que el estudiante fue visto por un doctor o un dentista. La nota médica debe de ser presentada a la dirección en el momento de entrar el edificio escolar.
Highlights / Información Importante
School Dress Code Uniforme estándar
School Supply List. Lista de articulos escolares.
Click Here to View Bus Stop Locations, Times, and Numbers Informacion acerca de los autobus escolar.
Educational Web Sites - Paginas Educativas del Internet
Educational web sites for children. Paginas de Internet para los niños.
Social Skills
Social Skills / Habilidades Sociales
The Klein ISD again extends our heartfelt sympathy to the families and community of Newtown, Conn. The district and campus administration along with members of the Klein ISD police met this morning to review campus safety and security procedures in the district emergency operations plan. Klein ISD is very sensitive to concerns and questions from parents about our crisis procedures. Be assured that staff members do everything they can to keep children safe and secure while on our campuses, from practicing lockdowns to having crisis plans in place.

Klein ISD police regularly train with other local law enforcement agencies for crisis response. In addition, the Klein ISD police have increased patrols at our schools along with other local law enforcement agencies during this week.

Counselors and administration are available to visit privately with any student who has questions or concerns, and we will work in conjunction with the student's parents. We are also available to support parents who are visiting with their children regarding the tragedy.

Working together as a community is important in keeping our schools safe so we must all be vigilant in reporting potential threats to the proper authorities. Please report such threats to campus administration or the Klein ISD police department at 832 249-4266. The safety and security of students and staff is our highest priority and by working together towards this end, we can ensure that we provide a safe environment at our campuses.