Ehrhardt Library
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Students need to return their library books every week. They can renew the book(s) if they are not finished. If a book is damaged, please bring it to the library for repair. If you are unsure if a library book has been returned, you can check your library account information online at school or at home.
Ehrhardt Library Book Search
USe LS2 or LS2 Kids to search for books in the Ehrhardt Library. LS2 is geared more towards older children and adults. LS2 will allow you to save searches by creating lists and even look at the books you currently have checked out.
Klein Libraries Book Search
Search other Klein libraries for books not available at the Ehrhardt Library. Interlibrary loan is available for teachers but can take about 2 weeks for warehouse delivery. It may be available sooner if you are willing to pick up the book.
Klein Libraries Mobile Book Search
Search all Klein libraries for books using your mobile phone. Follow a few simple directions and you will be able to access Klein's library catalog where you can search for a title, place a request/hold, renew an item, or check your account status.