Doerre Library
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Helpful Information About Doerre Library
1. Students are scheduled to come to the library with their Language Arts class.
2. Students will come at various times throughout the year for research projects.
3. Students may come during the day on a pass from a teacher.
4. Before school at 8:15 with a note from home or a pass from a teacher.
5. Between classes to return any items checked out.

1. Students may check out a total of five items for a period of two weeks.
2. Items may be returned early.
3. A fine of five cents/item/day will be charged for anything returned late.
4. No fine will be charged for the time a student is absent.
5. The replacement cost of an item will be charged for any items lost or damaged beyond repair.

If you have any questions or need our help, please contact us at 832-249-5693 or 832-249-5695.