D. Kultgen
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Ms Kultgen's Science Classes

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Science  Info

1. Please observe all district and school rules in the classroom.
2. Please be in your assigned seat before the tardy bell rings. Remain seated unless otherwise instructed or dismissed by the teacher.
3. Please do not talk after the bell.
4. Please respect your classroom, classmates, and teacher.
5. Please do not bring food (candy, gum, drinks, etc.) into the classroom.

1. Please bring your own supplies to class everyday. (See * items in supply list). Borrowing is not allowed.
2. Please go to your locker and use the rest room before the bell.
3. Please write down homework assignments immediately after the bell rings.
4. Please feel free to ask questions and do not hesitate to ask for help.
5. Please follow all lab safety rules. Do not go into the lab or touch lab equipment until instructed to do so by teacher. Failure to follow all instructions during lab will result in disciplinary action, removal from lab, and an alternative assignment.

6. Late Work:
See Doerre Website

7. Make-up work due to absence from class:
* Please check the website and/or copy assignments from the Make-up Binder. Collect materials needed from the  Make-up File.
* You are allowed the same number of days you were absent to complete make-up work
8. Tests and quizzes missed due to absence will be taken before or after school.

9. SCIENCE TEST DAYS: Monday and Wednesday

Major Grades: 60% - - - Daily Grades: 40% 

Grading Scale:
A 90 – 100 E – excellent
B 80 – 89 S - satisfactory
C 75 – 79 N – needs improvement
D 70 – 74 P - poor
F 0 – 69 U – unsatisfactory

*Charged Chromebook
*Composition Book (for science journal)
*Index cards
*Sticky Notes
*Notebook Paper
*Graph Paper
*Unlined Paper
*Folder or binder
*Pens (black/blue and red)
*Map Pencils
-Construction Paper
(just a suggestion: an inexpensive calculator to use for labs)

Website: classroom.kleinisd.net/webs/dkultgen
e-mail: dkultgen@kleinisd.net Phone: 832-249-5773

Parents: Please check Parent Connect on a regular basis to track your child’s progress in science. The counselors can assist you if you need help with getting logged on.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me during my conference period from 10:00 to10:35 or at your convenience.