D. Casillas
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Expectations and Procedures
When grouped as a Team, you must be discussing the project.
Socializing is disruptive and does not accomplish project objectives.

All Team members must have a task to work on at their station.
Two students at one station should be kept to minimum.
Tasks will be divided amongst all team members.

Team leaders will assign tasks accordingly.
Team members need to follow their Team Leaders instructions.
Often time’s changes or instructions may come from the teacher.

If a Team member fails to participate and/or contribute to the group, that person will be removed from the team and complete the project (modified) as an individual assignment.
The individual will not share in the Team grade.

The individual will be graded on the work they complete and turn in.

While working in Teams, we will maintain order in the classroom.

The Team will receive one overall grade, based on the average of all the project components.

Each member shares the overall Team grade.