D. Casillas
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DDMP Digital Notebook

Students will use Microsoft One Note to create a digital notebook.
The student will create a DDMP Digital Notebook.
The DDMP Notebook will be setup with the following Tabs:

1. Vocabulary
2. Journal
3. Notes

Students are also encouraged to create digital notebooks for their other class subjects.
Students will insert new digital notebook pages as instructed in the Warm Up section of the class web page.

Journal Writing
Each student will maintain a journal section in their digital notebook. As a daily warm up exercise students will either write to the journal section or the vocabulary section of their DDMP digital notebook. 

From time to time I will be checking journal writings or vocabulary for a daily grade. On most occasions the graded checks will be announced. There may be spot checks from time to time. Students are encouraged to stay on top of their daily writings and notebook organization.

Notebook Grading Criterion
Notebook Organization
Journal Entries
Vocabulary Terms 
Quality/Completeness of content