D. Casillas
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Entering the Classroom
Enter the classroom quietly.
Place materials on the storage shelves provided.
Take your seat and begin the warm-up exercise.

Period One:
Quietly stand for the Pledge.
Remain standing and silent during the Moment of Silence.

Material Storage
Personal materials will be stored on the shelves provided.
Do not place purses, books, etc. on or under the computer workstations.

Computer Logon
Logon only at your assigned workstation
Enter your User ID (Student ID)
Enter your Password

Station Posture
When the Teacher (or any speaker) presents information: 
Take your hands off the Keyboard and the Mouse.
Give the Speaker your attention.

Internet Usage
No online streaming music or video sites.
No online games.
No games on USB Flash Drives.
No games from any External Drives or Sources.
Limited games ONLY during Internet Free Time (IFT).

NOTE: IFT time is limited.

File Management
USB flash drives are the preferred medium for backing up files and transporting files between home and school. Students may also use their KISD assigned Google Drive.

Flash drives are an invaluable tool for the DDMP course, and highly recommended.

NOTE: Students are instructed to store all primary files on their Google Drive.

Class Printer
Seek teacher permission before submitting any print jobs.

Carefully plug and unplug headphones from the computer.
Store headphones at the five minute bell.

5 Minute Bell
Save all work to the Student Google Drive.
Backup files to personal USB Flash Drives.
Properly Eject and remove personal USB Flash Drives.
Secure classroom equipment.
Place Headphones over monitor.
Neatly place keyboard and mouse beneath and behind the monitor.
Remain seated at your workstation until the 7th and 8th grade bells ring.

Leaving The Classroom
Sign out and sign back in on the class sign out sheet
Restroom breaks should be taken between classes

Exiting the Classroom (End of Class)
Remain seated until the 7th & 8th grade bells.
Push in your chairs when you exit the classroom.