D. Casillas
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Entering the Classroom
Enter the classroom quietly.
Place Chromebooks on top of computer towers.
Place backpacks and personal items on the storage shelves provided.
Take your seat, logon and begin the daily activities.

Computer Logon
Logon at your assigned workstation.
Follow and adhere to the district Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Class Printer
Teacher permission required before submitting any print jobs.
Class printer drivers must be installed to print.

Carefully plug and unplug headphones from the computer.
Store headphones over monitor at the five-minute bell.
Place headphone cable behind the monitor.

File Management
NOTE: Students are required to save and store primary files to their Google Drive.
Establish Class (DDMP or PIT) Folder on Google Drive.
Establish Sub-Folders within Class Folder to organize files.
Example: Different Sub-Folder for each project/assignment.
Temporarily store files to the computer Download Folder.
Upload files from the Download Folder to Google Drive
Delete files from the Download Folder when activity/assignment is completed.

Flash drives are an invaluable tool for the DDMP course, and highly recommended.

Restroom Breaks
NOTE: Restroom breaks should be taken between classes.
Record date, time out on the Sign-Out sheet.
Take the Restroom Pass and quietly exit the room.
Upon returning, record time on the Sign-Out sheet.
Store the Restroom Pass and pencil on the clip board.

5 Minute Bell
STOP and SAVE all work.
Upload files from the Download Folder to Google Drive.
Properly Eject and remove personal USB Flash Drives.
Place Headphones over monitor.
Neatly place keyboard and mouse beneath the monitor.
Remain seated at your workstation until the 7th and 8th grade bells ring.

Class Dismissal Bell

Push in your chair.
Secure Chromebook, backpacks and personal items and exit the room.
Assist each other when removing materials from storage shelves.