D. Casillas
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1. Be Respectful
Quietly enter the class and take your seat.
Keep your hands and feet to your self.
Do not talk out, wait your turn to talk.
Raise your hand when you have a question.
Give the speaker your attention by looking at them.
Do not change the computer or monitor settings.
Use only school-accepted language.

2. Be Responsible
Log on with your user name and password.
Do not give out your password to other students.
Save all your class work to your Google Drive.
Periodically save your work when working on the computer.
Do not email or chat during class time.
Log off (lab computers) at the end of each class period.
Complete outside class tasks.

3. Be Ready To Learn
Always have a pencil or pen.
Always bring required materials to class (DDMP to include flash drives).
Look at the assigned task posted on the Class Web Page.
Maintain your Digital Notebook.
Begin the task immediately after taking your seat.
Be prepared for outside class tasks.