D. Casillas
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The DDMP Final Exam has two parts.

Part 1: Production Exam requires the student to complete a Master Project component. (Tuesday, May 23)
Part 2: On line multiple choice and T/F test. (Monday, May 22)

Students are expected to review and prepare for the Final Exam outside of the classroom.
Students are provided with an Exam Review Guide.
The review guide is NOT collected for a grade.

The exam covers grading periods 4 - 6.

Exam Review Guide

Video Review Resource

Students are expected to use the Digital Media Concepts & Applications (DMC&A) digital text resource to complete the final exam review guide. Students should review the following Chapters:

Chapter 6 -- Raster Editing

Chapter 7 -- Vector Editing

Chapter 8 -- Print Type

Chapter 9 -- Print Graphics

Chapter 10 -- Print Design

Chapter 11 -- Audio

Chapter 12 -- Video

Additional Exam Review Resources:

BDE Test Review Games

C. R. A. P. and Design Game

Logo Identification Game

The Alignment and Proximity Challenge

The Contrast and Repetition Challenge