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Classroom Phone Number: 832-249-5819

Testing Days: *Monday and Thursday

Digital Design and Media Production, DDMP

Digital Design and Media Production (DDMP) combines the skills of electronic design editing and production of a product, using a variety of hardware and software tools. This project-based course focuses on real-world audiences as customers. Students will learn to use a collection of software tools and design techniques to create a variety of formatted products. This course meets the requirements for the high school Technology Applications elective credit.

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to navigate Adobe tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premier. Students will develop computer literacy skills to adapt to emerging technologies used in the global marketplace. Students implement personal and interpersonal skills to prepare for a rapidly evolving workplace environment. There is a digital textbook for this course.

Principles of Information Technology, PIT

In PIT, students will learn a background in the subjects needed to begin understanding computing, including the efficient and thoughtful use of computer hardware, software, and operating systems. Skills that will be covered include solving basic digital-literacy problems, using common production applications, and describing current technologies. Students will learn the common features to the office suite and will apply these features using a variety of programs. The programs covered are word processing software, presentation software, spreadsheet software, and database management software. 

In addition to learning computer programs, students will learn a multitude of skills to assist them in being productive in the job market. Some of the lessons include but are not limited to communication styles, teamwork and collaboration, resume, web ethics, networking, telecommunications, decision making, and management.
Necessary Supplies: 

Recommended for DDMP - flash drive (minimum 4 GB)
•Charged Chromebooks

Students will be introduced to a digital notebook.

Microsoft One Note is the application the students will use to record journal entries and vocabulary terms. Periodic notebook quizzes will be given for daily grades. An organized and up-to-date digital notebook will ensure students are prepared for quizzes, tests and the exams scheduled.

Course Fee: 
In order to defray the cost of supplies the following class fees are required:

DDMP - $15.00
PIT - $5.00 

Payments are made through 
School Cash

DDMP and PIT are high-school credit classes. Therefore, attendance is extremely important and missing more than nine days in a semester may result in a loss of academic credit.

Grading Guidelines: 
Major Grades – Tests and Projects 60%
Minor Grades – Daily Work 40%
Late Work – Minus 10 points per day, after three days the highest grade can be a 70.
Retesting – Students are recommended to re-take tests when they score less than a 70.  
The higher of the 2 scores will be recorded, not to exceed a 70.

DDMP requires a comprehensive exam at the end of each semester. 

Tutoring will take place in the classroom before school from 8:00-8:40 AM. The instructor’s part-time schedule does not allow for a conference period, or assistance during Pride. Therefore, students must schedule time before school. Other arrangements can be made with the teacher on a case-by-case basis.

Make-up Work
In DDMP much work is done in class, therefore, if a student is absent or falls behind, it is the student's responsibility to complete make-up work and attend tutoring in order to complete missed assignments. 

NOTE: Google Classroom allows students to follow class activities and projects outside of class.

Make-up work not completed in a timely manner will result in loss of points from the over-all assignment grade. Please note, the KISD Policy states that students will have the same number of days to complete make-up work assignments as the days they were absent.

*Calendar dates are subject to change.