Blair Davis
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Strack Physical Education
Welcome everybody! My name is Coach Davis and I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. I would like to begin by telling you a bit about myself. I love sports (obviously), especially watching my Texans and Longhorns play. Music has also been a passion of mine for a long time, whether it is singing or just listening to an album. Enough about me though, lets get to you. My plan as your teacher this year is to teach you lifelong skills to keep you active and healthy for the rest of your life. Certain skills we will work on this year include playing basketball, soccer, track, Football and hundreds of other fun and enjoyable games you can take home to the family.  Remember that, "This Is P.E.!!" and our main goal is to have fun and teach our bodies skills for life.
Strack Athletics
To be an athlete is a choice one makes. To be in Strack's athletic program is a privilege. We have pride in what we do here and strive to not only prepare our athletes for higher athletic competition, but to also become finer assets with in their community. This is Cougar Country! Here we have Cougar pride and represent not only ourselves, but our team mates, peers, family and school. Remember, "10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react".