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Welcome to Doerre!

Mrs. Tan attended University of Houston and Old Dominion University. She earned her Bachelor Degree in Finance and in Education.  She has also earned a Masters Degree in Curriculum Instruction with a concentration in Integrating Technology in Schools from George Mason University.  This is her 12th year teaching.  Mrs. Tan also is an Adjunct Faculty at Lone Star College.

Mrs. Tan has always loved science and enjoys sharing her passion for science with her students. Mrs. Tan is so excited to be teaching at Doerre Intermediate School this year. Mrs. Tan is married for 27 years and has five fun-loving children! When she is not teaching she greatly enjoys the moments she gets to share with her family.
Mrs. Tan was selected to participate in the 2013 George Washington University Teachers in Industry Program. Click HERE to read about Mrs. Tan's Externship with four STEM businesses in the Washington Metropolitan Area.  AOL, Fabiola Cellars, Endless Summer Farm and Telos Corporation.  

Yes, you will have homework in Science class! Assignments will be posted in the board in the classroom, on our virtual classroom calendar and in your GOOGLE classroom by periods! Homework is due the next day. 30 points will be taken off of all assignments turned in late.
Turn things in ON TIME and you will be surprised at how well you do!

My email:
Email is the best way to contact me for a quick response time.

My phone: 832-249-5755
Please give me at least 24 hours to contact you after you have left a message. 

Conference time: Mon.-Fri. 1:15 - 2:00

Classroom Expectations:
*Be prepared for class      * Do homework       * Ask questions       * Study for tests and quizzes

1. Please bring your own supplies to class every day, including your charged laptop.

2. Please get water and use the restroom before the bell.

3.  Science daily assignments are due the day after being assigned.  Late papers will be accepted up to 3 days with a penalty. On major assignments, the penalty is 10 points per day up to 3 days. 

4. Progress reports will be coming home once per quarter so that you know how your child is doing. However, Skyward is up 24/7 and you can check on your child’s progress at any time. You are encouraged to check Skyward on a regular basis to track your child’s progress in science. The counselors can assist you if you need help with getting logged on.

5. When absent, please check the class website or Google classroom to find out what you missed in class. Ask Mrs. Tan for any papers that you need. 

Science 6th:
60% = Exams, major labs, projects
40% = Homework, class work, small labs, class activities

Failing Major Assignments and Retake Policy
Exams: Only exams scoring below a 80 will be able to be retaken. Re-teaching for exams is done in class 1-3 days after the exam is taken. Only 1 exam per six weeks may be retaken. The original grade and the retake grade will be averaged together for a final exam grade with a maximum grade of a 80 possible. Exam retakes will be scheduled before or after school on designated days. Retake days will be posted in class. Be prepared for a difficult retake exam since you have had more time to study - it is best to pass the exam the first time!

There are no retakes offered for Quizzes, Labs and Projects.