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Brill Basics for Library Visits

PK, Kinder, and First Grade will visit the library weekly (Please check with your child's teacher on the exact day and time)

Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade will visit the library every other week.
 (Please check with your child's teacher on the exact day and time)

Brill Basics for Book Return:

All students are expected to return their books in the morning of their library day. Students should place their books on the library return cart on their way to the classroom.

Brill Basics for Getting New Books:

Our avid readers are encouraged to return finished books early and check out new ones, as needed. Students may do this first thing in the morning (Prior to going to class). All students must return to class before announcements end. 

Brill Basics for Absent Students:
(Or those who forget their books)

Students may come to the library between 7:50 - 8:10 AM the day following their scheduled library time to make- up library check out due to absence or forgetting their books. 

Brill Basics about School Holidays and Book Make- Up:

We will do our best to ensure that all classes that fall on a school holiday are made up. If it is not possible to make up library lessons, students will be given a time to make up book checkout (Or they may come prior to announcements).

Students are encouraged to check out 1-2 additional books over long breaks from school (Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break)

We ask that library books do not travel with students as this increases the chance of lost books.

Digital Book Basics:

Digital Resources are available on Klein Studentnet.

Check out all the books available on Overdrive.
Your username is S followed by your student ID number.
Your original password was set as the last 4 digits of your ID number.