Bernshausen Clinic
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Clinic Nurse: Clinic Assistant:
Elizabeth Goedde, RN, BSN, PCCN      Kriscia Portillo
Phone: 832-375-8015      Phone: 832-375-8016
Clinic Fax: 832-375-8049      Email:  
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Medications: Medication Authorization Form
* All medication must be brought to and picked up from the clinic by a parent/guardian. Children are not permitted to transport medications.
*All medications require written permission from a parent/guardian. Forms are located in the clinic or click link above to download and print form.
* Only prescription medication needed for the student to remain in school will be given by the clinic. Prescription medication must be in it's original container and within date; it will be kept locked and stored in the nurse's office.
* Over the counter medications will only be administered for a period of 2 weeks with written parent permission. A doctors note will be required for any over the counter medication needed longer than 2 weeks.