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  3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders


                                           Texas Bluebonnet Book Club

Texas has a wonderful program where librarians from all across the state pick 20 books to be Bluebonnet Award nominees each year.  The students of Texas get to read and vote on their favorite.  The best part is - all it takes for you to get to vote is 5!  That's right... read 5 books and after each book you read, fill out this electronic form.  This form will be the only way that I can keep track of your reading this year.  After you have completed 5, you will have earned a voter's i.d. card for voting day.  PLUS, on voting day you will receive an "I Voted" bluebonnet spirit stick!

Remember, we will be voting in January!  It will be fun to see if the students of our school decide on the same book as the students from around the whole state.  Look for the Bluebonnet Book Display in our library where you can find this year's new bluebonnet books. These books are also available at the public library, the books store, and they will be at our book fair.

I don't know which one I will vote for yet.  Happy reading!

Scroll over the books below and click on the hot buttons to view book trailers of the new nominees! 

For book summaries, about the author and read alikes - visit Mackin Booktalk.