Benignus Music Department
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All 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to learn to play the recorder.  This is a great preparation for every student to learn early music reading and instrumental skills that will carry with them throughout their musical education for years to come.  This is a part of the Klein ISD music curriculum and is great fun for everyone!

Recorders and method books are being sold through School Cash Online. Students will need to pre-order online and will be able to pick up their instruments in the school store in December.

Every 4th and 5th grader will need to purchase the instrument through the school as they have been specially chosen by the music teachers based on their quality. Please do not buy one at a toy store. That is what they are...a TOY. We have ordered real instruments that are capable to be tuned and adjusted so they sound nicely when played together.

If your student purchased one last year as a 4th grader, they DO NOT need to purchase a new one.