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Welcome to the Benignus Music Department. We are committed to making music fun and exciting while giving each student a strong foundation in music theory and history. It is our unified goal to find a way for EVERY student to feel successful in music. We will provide many experiences that will help our Benignus Leopards learn more about how they can participate and enjoy music for a lifetime.

Through the use of games, centers, and group activities, the students experience singing, counting rhythms, writing and reading notes on a staff, and enjoy selections from all the different musical time periods.

It is our hope that our students will choose a music ensemble such as choir, band or orchestra in sixth grade because of their enjoyable music experiences at Benignus, and that they will develop a life-long love and appreciation for the arts!

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We are so excited to teach music at Benignus Elementary. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.
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