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Check Out Our New Site
Apr 16 2017 - 04:56:00 pm
Check out our new Benfer Library Web Site

All blog posts, starting April of 2017, will be located on the new site. 

We won't delete the amazing work that is on this web site though! It will be here until we can transfer it!

Visit us at our new Library Web Site Blog here:
Poetry Month is Here!
Apr 07 2017 - 05:24:00 am
It's our favorite month! Poetry has started flowing from all the classrooms at Benfer this week, in celebration of #PoetryMonth ! Bobcats always create a variety of interesting poems to share with the world in April, and this year's fun is underway!

Some students have share color poems to participate in @LindaYollis' Color Poem project ( #clrpoem). Red is the color of the week:

 Students have begun writing about some of their favorite things too:

 Science topics are even a poetry inspiration for our 2nd grade Bobcats!

Stay tuned for even more poetry fun!