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Here are some that students completed before April! 

Enjoy some of the audio & video book reviews that our students have made to encourage other Bobcats to Energize their MINDS!

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by Reina Telgemeier

This book is one of the favorite books in the Benfer Library! It surely doesn't stay in the library long! As soon as one student turns it in, another student is excited to take it home and read it! 

Click on the picture below to listen to Josie's review of Smile!

Touch Blue
by Cynthia Lord

Check out this fun way that our 5th grade Wild Reader, Emily made her book review this time! She used ChatterPix Kid ( @duckduckmoose ) on the library's NEW iPADS! What a fun way to share your reading enthusiasm! :)

Cynthia Lord is one of our favorite authors at the Benfer Library, and this book is one of Mrs. Camp's personal favorites! Listen to Emily's book review! You might want to read Touch Blue next!

Click the picture below! 


Mallory's Super Sleepover
by Laurie Friedman

Click the link below to see the latest Video Book Review from one of our 3rd Graders! Wow! She is very persuasive!

Click the picture below to check out what she has to say!

The Cupcake Diaries series
by Coco Simon
Below is our first video book review, and we are learning to use green screen technology! What do you think? 

Our 3rd grade friend tells us about one of her favorite chapter book series, The Cupcake Diaries by Coco Simon. Find out more in the video below!

The Fablehaven Series
By Brandon Mull

5th grader, Isaiah, used his best persuasive writing to convince others to read one of his favorite series of fantasy books!

Click here to listen to Isaiah's reasons that he thinks you should read this popular series! 


by Katherine Applegate

Katherine Applegate is one of our favorite authors here at the Bobcat Library! Her Newbery-award winning The One and Only Ivan is an ALL-TIME fan favorite! Well, she's done it again! Her new novel Crenshaw is flying from the shelves since we received it earlier this spring, and we already have a 3rd grade review of it! 

Listen to Regan's review of Crenshaw by clicking here

Super Series Alert: Rainbow Fairies
by Haileigh

The Rainbow Fairies series of chapter books

are a huge hit in the Benfer Library! There are several different parts of this series, each with a different type of interesting fairy, such as Gemstone Fairies, Flower Fairies and Weather Fairies!

Click here to listen to Haileigh tell us about one of her favorite series!

Garage Tales by Jon Scieczska
Last week, Nathan, a 1st grader, and a big-time reader, shared his thoughts about a funny book in our library called Garage Tales.  The author, Jon Scieszka, is a long-time favorite of many a silly young reader here at Benfer, and Nathan tells us why he enjoyed this book so much!

Garage Tales is in the section of the library where the story collections are: in the 808s.  "Story collection" just means that there are lots of funny stories all in this one book! Check out the 808s! A lot of students miss this section, and there are lots of great stories there! 

Click here to hear why Nathan enjoyed Garage Tales!

Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie
by Julie Sternberg

Lillian, one of our first grade Bobcats recommends Julie Sternberg's Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie.

Click here to listen to her reasons why she thinks you should read it too!

Today's Bobcat Book Review is about a book from our Math collection, in the 513 section! Lenore is a first grader and this funny book really made her think and laugh! Maybe you'd like to read it too!

Listen to Lenore's Book Review here.

Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate
Original         Updated cover

Fourth grader, Kayla reviewed one of the new classics in our library, Home of the Brave! I think she did a wonderful job of reviewing it, and telling exactly what makes it such a special book! I hope you take Kayla's advice and check it out!!

To hear Kayla's book review, click here.
Mountain Dog
by Margarita Engle

Our latest Bobcat Book Review is from a 3rd grader who already has a head start on next year's Bluebonnet List! Tyler was excited to finish reading Mountain Dog! When he finished, he immediately wrote his book review so that he could encourage other Bluebonnet Readers! Remember, 3rd graders: Read 5, Then Decide which Bluebonnet nominee is your favorite! Check out next year's list here!

To hear Tyler's book review, click here! 

Salamander's Spell by E.D. Baker
5th grader Kynnady tells us why she recommends E.D. Baker's Tales of the Frog Princess series, to others who enjoy fairy tale-based stories! Try one! They're very popular in the Benfer Library!

Click here to hear why Kynnady recommends Salamander's Spell!


Gingerbread Baby
by Jan Brett

The Gingerbread Baby is one of our favorites in the Benfer Library! Listen to this enthusiastic recommendation of one of our 2nd grade students! She will make you want to read it too!

Click here to listen to our Bobcat Book Review of The Gingerbread Baby!

Superfudge by Judy Blume

Here's an all-time favorite that many of our 2nd grade Bobcats have discovered recently! Listen as Molly tells us why you might want to check out Superfudge the next time you're in the library!

Click here to hear Molly's book review.


One of our WILD 2nd GRADE READERS told us about his favorite dragon books this week. If you like stories about dragons, you might try out one of these books too!

Listen to R's book review of Dragon in the Driveway by Kate Klimo here!

The Books of Elsewhere

by Jacqueline West

Listen to this engaging book review from one of our 4th grade Bobcats! This series might just turn out to be a favorite in the Bobcat Library! Alexis surely makes it sound interesting!

To listen to her review of the Books of Elsewhere series, click HERE!

BMX Bully
by Jake Maddox

Do you like sports fiction? Do you like books about baseball? Or hiking? Or cheerleading? How about BMX biking? One of our 3rd graders loved BMX Bully by one of our favorite sports fiction authors!

To listen to her review of BMX Bully, click here!

Prairie Evers
by Ellen Airgood

One of our 5th grade students really enjoyed Prairie Evers--a book about friendship, growing up....and chickens! Listen to her review here!

Esperanza Rising
by Pam Munoz Ryan

Listen to this book review by one of our 5th grade Wild Readers! This book captured her imagination. I just might capture yours too! Try it out!

Click here to hear J's review of Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan.

Listen to our latest Bobcat Book Review! Here's a funny book that you might want to try out!

Click here to hear Cassie's review of Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue! by Tom Angelberger.

Here's a book recommendation by one of our 3rd Grade Readers!

CLICK HERE to listen to Lamont's book review!