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     How to help your student stay organized throughout the school year

    1. Students in grades 1-5 each receive an agenda/planner to record their homework for the week. This is a great tool for them, and you, as a way to make sure that the homework for the week is being brought home, completed and returned. Kindergarten students will bring home a homework folder for the same purpose. If you are unsure of an assignment or have questions about homework, check the teacher website, or contact the teacher for more information.

    2. Consistent routines help our students to stay on track with school work during the year. As a family try to have a regular place where the student can set their backpack and also complete their homework. You can also do a homework check once the student is finished to help ensure that they understood what they were working on and that the work got placed in the backpack to be returned to school the next day.

    3. Other helpful tips for helping your student are:
    --Having a set bed time to help them get a good night's sleep
    --Having your student eat a healthy breakfast before or at school
    --Praising your child for their responsible behaviors at school and at home. Reminding students of the good things they are doing builds their self-esteem as a person and a learner.

    If you have questions about building good routines or helping your student with organizational skills please contact me and we can set up an appointment.  


***Please visit the teacher websites regarding curriculum information, homework and classroom activities. If you have questions regarding your student's academic progress please e-mail or call the classroom teacher. You can also leave a message for any staff member by calling the front office at 832-484-6000.