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We encourage good attendance. It is extremely important to your child's success at school. They must be here to learn.

It may be hard occasionally to decide whether to send your child to school when he or she does not feel well. Perhaps, this information may help. Also, refer to your student handbook for regulations.

RUNNY NOSE is the way many children respond to pollen, dust or simply a change in the weather. If it is not the common cold, then it may be an allergy to one of the above. It is not recommended to keep your child home from school as long as they are fever free. Be sure that they practice good hand washing and cough or sneeze into their elbow, not their hand or into the air.

BAD COUGH can be an indication of a severe cold, bronchitis, flu, asthma flare ups or even pneumonia. If your child is not acting themselves, has a fever of 100 degrees or above, has difficulty breathing, or is becoming dehydrated, this could be serious. Keep your child home from school and check with your doctor.

DIARRHEA AND/OR VOMITING If your child has repeated episodes of diarrhea or vomiting or is accompanied by fever of 100 degrees or above, a rash or general weakness, consult a doctor and keep your child out of school until they are well.

FEVER A child must stay home if their temperature is 100 degrees or above. The child may return to school when fever free(without a fever reducing medication like Tylenol or Motrin/Advil for at least 24 hours.