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#DotDay15 Fun!
Sep 20 2015 - 11:35:00 am

Our 1st graders had a lot of fun this week sharing their creativity with the world! We can't wait to see some of the dots that our friends in Washington @Mrs_Hembree 's library made!
We're looking forward to sharing our learning and creativity with them again this year!

At Benfer, we all made our mark by decorating a dot, and then we sang along with Emily Arrow's The Dot Song--with motions! Here's a taste of one Bobcat class singing. Isn't it fun? 

Click the picture below to watch the video!

Here are some of our 1st grade artists as they worked:



Click on the picture below to see & hear The Dot--complete with the motions (by Emily Arrow and author Peter Reynolds)! Celebrate making your mark! 

First Graders Make Their Mark on #DotDay15
Sep 15 2015 - 04:39:00 pm
Our first graders are making their creative mark for the world this week in the library! We are celebrating International Dot Day, along with children all over the world in connection with Peter Reynolds' inspiring book, The Dot.  By using the hashtag #DotDay15 , we will be part of this global celebration of creativity! Among the thousands of kids creating art for the world are our friends in Mrs. Hembree's library in Washington state! Here are some of our beautiful dots! Now show us some of yours! 

for such an inspiring book!


The designer below got her color inspiration from her bracelet! 

Friends in the Benfer Library!

Glow Readers Celebrate!
Sep 03 2015 - 04:56:00 am
Did we ever have a fun time at the Sundae Monday Party! We had about 40 students who read all summer and earned an invitation, and Monday afternoon was a fun time for our Wild Readers!

After we talked about our favorite book and our favorite challenge with the people at our table, every student got to check out their first books of the year! It makes sense that our Wildest of Readers checked out library books FIRST! 

Then came the fun part! Every reader went home with a glow stick, and I gave them one more challenge: send me a selfie of themselves glow reading!  Take a look!