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Bobcats Read Their Way West!
Jul 18 2016 - 05:12:00 pm
We have several Bobcat families who have been enjoying their travels out west! Mrs. Steele recently visited Yellowstone National Park. We've seen pictures of her reading near the famous Mount Rushmore and near a Native American Teepee. Here she is reading near another natural wonder. Do you know where she is?

Then, she visited Hoover Dam in Nevada! Mrs. Steele--what facts did you learn about Hoover Dam? That looks huge!

Another family of Bobcat Readers is the Rawlings family! As they traveled to visit their grandparents in Utah, they read in SIX different states! Here are some pictures of some of the fun they had. That hammock looks nice...! 

If you have been having some reading adventures, be sure to email Mrs. Camp a picture, and we'll put it on the Bobcat Library Blog!

Our Teachers Are Reading Across America!
Jul 11 2016 - 07:46:00 pm
We have seen some teachers reading across America already! If you haven't seen the pictures, look back at previous posts in July and June! Mrs. Steele was on the move recently! She visited the Yellowstone area, and made sure to take reading breaks all along the way to find out about the history of the area! 

Mrs. Steele is learning about Native American culture on her trip to Yellowstone National Park!

Mrs. Steele is at Mount Rushmore! Do you know the names of the four U.S. Presidents whose figures are carved here? 


She also noticed that many of the statues of the U.S. Presidents showed them with a book. Readers are Leaders after all, so I'm not surprised! That's why it's so cool that our #BobcatsRead 

Have you been someplace interesting this summer? Send Mrs. Camp a picture! We'll post it here and/or on the Benfer Twitter feed! 

Read On, Bobcats! 
Summer Reading is Fun!
Jul 03 2016 - 04:39:00 pm
(NOTE: if you're looking for blog posts from earlier this summer, check out the archive links on the right!)

Over the last few days, I've heard from several of our Bobcats about their summer reading! One of our Bobcat friends emailed me because he is going to visit a place that has no WiFi, and he wanted to get everything on his e-reader ready for his trip.

WILD READERS plan for future reading, and this is a perfect example of great planning! Chirag thought ahead. He got his books downloaded and now he's ready to go! Way to be WILD, Chirag!

Lots of our other Bobcat readers are reading away on their Summer Readers' Challenges! Here are a few selfies! Are you reading and keeping track of the challenges this summer? If you do, you will earn an invitation to the 4th annual Sundae Monday Event on August 29th!


Above, 4th grader Sydney is reading to her dog. They both seem to be enjoying it--wonder what book they're reading?

Taylor is having fun reading to her little brother in the bathtub! She's definitely be ready for first grade next year! I think her brother is learning too! Way to go Taylor!

Aiman's selfie makes me smile! She loves to read, and she always has interesting things to share about her reading! Keep it up, Aiman!

Oh my goodness! Mrs. McIntee has been reading ALL OVER the United States! Can you read the title of the book she's looking at? It is Chinese! Mrs. McIntee visited the library in Chicago's Chinatown, and many of the children who live in that neighborhood speak Chinese as well as English! 
I wonder where we'll find Mrs. McIntee next....

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