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Poetry Brings Us Together
May 04 2015 - 06:52:00 pm
Our friends in Kirkland, Washington read our first grade poems (see our April 12 blog post--click April 2015 at right), and they wrote a few animal poems for us in return! What a fabulous job they did using descriptive words effectively! They really made it fun to read about each fascinating animal! Thank you, Mrs. Hembree (@Mrs_Hembree) and 1st grade Bulldog Readers, for making Poetry Month special and exciting again this year! 

Take a look at the poems they tweeted to us:

Nice diamante, Bulldog poets! We call these great descriptive adjectives WOW words.
How about you? 

Koalas are such adorable animals! 

What a nice use of science vocabulary in a poem that is also beautiful! Good job, Bulldogs!

Take a look at this next poem. Royal Penguins do have crazy yellow feathers! Penguins just rock!

Here is the last animal poem from our Bulldog friends.
Thank you for sharing your poetry with us!