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5th Grade Poets, Part 1
Apr 17 2016 - 07:08:00 pm
It's Book Spine Poetry time again at that Benfer Library! This is an activity that 5th graders enjoy during April each year, and it is so much fun to exercise our creative abilities in a different and unique way!

Below are some of the poems that were created Friday afternoon, and there will be more to enjoy next Friday!

If your students have created some Book Spine poetry, be sure to share it on Twitter with the #BookSpinePoetry hashtag so everyone can find and enjoy it too! Or include it in the Global Poetry Unites Project ( #gpup16 ) ! 

Check out the rest of our poems next week! I can't wait to see what the rest of the 5th graders create!

April: One of My Favorite Months!
Apr 07 2016 - 06:43:00 pm

April is here, and that means POETRY at Benfer!
I love this month with our students! In the past, we have celebrated poetry in many enjoyable ways, and we definitely have some plans for the library this year! The thing I love most though is seeing our students exercise their endless creativity as they craft their own poetry. I love their openness to the experience, and I love seeing them thoroughly engage with words and stories. 

Our Poetry Month kicked off this week with color poetry, a global collaboration for students hosted by California educator Linda Yollis ( @LindaYollis ). The first week's colors were BLACK and WHITE, so 3rd grader Rachel S shared her acrostic about penguins with us on the Wild Writers' Spotlight. Click here to hear it!

First grade classes enjoyed creating Paper Bag Poems! They used interesting adjectives to describe an object inside a bag--without looking at it. Then we made a poem. Our Bobcat friends at Cougar Ridge Library in Washington are writing poems to share with us too! It will be fun to see what they write! We've enjoyed connecting and learning together this year--thank you Mrs. Hembree! @CRidgeLibrary @mrs_hembree

Take a look at the first grade Paper Bag Poems:

Cougar Ridge Bobcats--what kind of poems are you writing?