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Acrostics for Our Friends, The Bulldogs!
Apr 27 2014 - 08:03:00 pm
To celebrate National Poetry Month, our Benfer students have been writing and enjoying poetry in all sorts of ways! Our first graders had so much fun writing Paper Bag Poems earlier in the month, and then reading Mrs. Hembree's students' poems on the Bulldog Readers' Blog, that we decided to write one last set of poems! 

We have enjoyed connecting this month with the Bulldog Library, and we hope the students there enjoy these acrostics that we wrote for them! Keep reading and writing poetry, everyone! Hope you had a fun poetry month!

Paper Bag Poetry--1st Grade
Apr 14 2014 - 11:41:00 am

Poetry has sprouted all over Benfer during National Poetry Month! If you haven’t checked out our Poetrees, drop by the library to see them, and enjoy a piece of Bobcat poetry! We’ll be posting some pictures here soon too!

Last week, first graders focused on using descriptive  words and phrases as they created Paper Bag Poems in the library! This is an idea that I first saw on Mrs. Hembree’s Bulldog Readers Blog and it was just too much fun to pass up! Thanks for the idea, Mrs. Hembree!

To create Paper Bag Poems, students felt a mystery object that was hidden inside a paper bag. They then used one word or a short phrase to describe it. Some students got to take a peek at the color too! Once we gathered some outstanding descriptors, we created our poetry! What a fun way to collaborate! Our first grade Bobcats wrote some fine descriptive poems! Check them out:


Book Spine Poems #2
Apr 06 2014 - 06:11:00 pm
Enjoy a few more of our 5th grade Book Spine Poems! Part 2:


Book Spine Poetry Day 1
Apr 04 2014 - 05:04:00 pm
In the Benfer Library this month, we're having fun with poetry! Today 5th graders used their creativity to create poems out of the spines of books! Book Spine Poetry is very popular in schools in April, and our Bobcats made some funny ones! I'll be sharing a few of them here for the next few days.

Here's a few of our Book Spine Poems--come back soon for some more of them!