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E-Books from Mackinvia!
Jan 28 2014 - 01:36:00 pm
E-books available through the Benfer Library are not just picture books anymore! Learn about the e-books available to students and teachers through MackinVia! This is a handy resource for informational texts in e-book format--good for learning stations or whole group instruction! 

With Digital Learning Day coming up on February 5, this might be a resource that could come in handy to provide rich experiences for our modern learners!

Author Jackie Hopkins Inspires Our Bobcats
Jan 23 2014 - 10:30:00 am

This week, all students enjoyed meeting author Jackie Hopkins at the Benfer Library! Mrs. Hopkins told us about how she writes her books, and she told us some funny stories too!


We learned that many authors must be very patient and hard working. Did you know that it took her 7 years of trying before her first book, Tumbleweed Tom on the Texas Trail? For all those years, she revised and edited her story, and sent it to publisher after publisher to finally get it printed! Now it has been used by Texas school children for years, to learn about our state!


Mrs. Hopkins told us that she gets many of her story ideas from everyday life, so pay attention, all you writers out there! At any moment, you may find that wonderful idea that you need to expand into a story!  Our 4th & 5th graders enjoyed recalling genres by acting out Joe Bright and the Seven Genre Dudes. That was a fun time!  


Thanks for visiting us, Jackie Hopkins! You have inspired our young readers to keep trying to find that just right book that will hook us on reading, and our many students authors were inspired to write, write, write!

Color Poetry by Mrs. Stewart's Class
Jan 13 2014 - 06:02:00 pm
Third graders are busy creating color poems, and we made some videos to show off their writing! The following 2 videos are from Mrs. Stewart's class. They worked on these poems with Mrs. Turner. Take a look:

NOTE for STUDENTS: You must ask your parents for permission before watching our video at home! Ask them to enjoy it with you! It's fun!