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Mrs. Jones Alg. I
Welcome to my KOHS Algebra I class. I am very excited to be in the Freshman Campus and teaching Algebra I. We are off to a great start and hope you are ready to jump right in and start working. Parents create your "Gradespeed" account so you can keep up with your students grades.
Jones Tutoring Sessions
Before and after school most days. Check with Mrs. Jones the day before you attend.
Links Page again
The site that has interactive "Gizmos" for Algebra I. You will be assigned lessons to do from this site.
**Note** If you need tutoring--parents, here is your answer. Instead of paying $30 an hour, this site is $19 a month and parents can monitor the online time.
PURPLE MATH -- Your Algebra Resource
Help with Algebra homework. A good site that explains algebra concepts. Be sure you check this out to review, if you are absent, or if you are having
Homework help, educational games, puzzles, and MORE!
Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math Information for Math students of all ages.
Ask a question of the Dr. and you will get an answer.
The Online Math Tutor Mr. Fliegler, the math man, offers free online (via
email) math help.
Find all kinds of graph paper at this site that you can print out. No excuse for not doing your homework graphs on graph paper.
You could also get math help here!
This site places a host of neat reference materials at your fingertips.

Interactive tangram for students
Try working with the ancient Chinese puzzle -- Tangrams. Make your own and
draw solutions to bring to class and share with others.
The history and facts about Pi.
Keep up with the Klein ISD district news.
Printable graph paper

Class Procedures and Grading Guidelines Algebra I with Mrs. A. Jones
Please see "Classwork/Homework/Tests" tab for the Alg. I Syllabus.

 Bring your charged tablet each day along with the following. a) Daily notes of each day’s lesson b) All assignments of each six week period c) All quizzes Tests - Math test days are Mondays and Thursdays. If you are absent the day of a test, be prepared to schedule a time to make up the test before or after school. Please bring 2 pencils with erasers and a hand held sharpener to class each day. Sharpening of pencils is restricted to the time BEFORE the tardy bell rings and AFTER homework has been assigned. Please bring your charged tablet and stylus every day.