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School closure due to Hurricane Harvey. 
It is my hope and prayer that this finds each of you safe and sound (and dry!). We will be out of school for a week now as this storm continues to hit us. I have re-adjusted our calendar, with the hope that we will return to school after Labor Day. 
No matter how the State chooses to deal with this time away from classes. We will get the material covered. 
This material can be difficult for students. I will start tutorials, with one or two before school and one after school, to assist students. Please alert me as soon as your student seems confused!
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Welcome to 6th Grade On-Level and Pre-AP Science with Mrs. Rush
I hope you and your student are ready for the best Science year yet! We are starting off with so much excitement! New schedules, 8 different periods with 7 different teachers, passing periods, new friends, real laboratory rooms, and even a SOLAR ECLIPSE on the first day of school!. I can am so excited that I have too many activities that I want to do in the first day alone! 
My love of science was inspired by my father who was a pharmacist. I graduated from Texas A &M with certifications in Earth Science and Spanish. I love the concepts covered in 6th grade, especially because we can use toys to model most of the concepts! (It is a little like working and playing at the same time.) Teaching is one of the great loves of my life. 
Respect is the focus of everything in my classroom. My goal is for students to understand that they are worthy of respect, for students to experience respect, and then for students to learn how to show respect to others. It is a process. I am very excited that this year we will be using Restorative Practices in 6th grade. Your student will periodically mention "Circle Time". This is a special process in which teachers set aside time to allow students to talk and listen to each other (and give the teacher an opportunity to truly listen to students) and build supportive communities. Middle school is a time of great change. Students need these communities very much. 
I am so very honored to have your student in my classroom. 
Ann Rush

Welcome to 6th grade Science

This year we will learn about Safety, Chemistry, Physics, Energy Resources and Conservation, Geology, Geophysics, Planetary Astronomy and Exploration, and Ecology.
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