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Developmental with Mrs. Kane

I am excited to introduce myself as your student’s teacher for the 2016-2017 school year.  Mrs. I and Mrs. Edwards will be the paraprofessionals in our class this year.

We will be working hard on your student’s IEP goals this year as well as having lots of fun working on group communication and social skills.  Each month we will be working on science, social studies, math, reading, writing, vocational skills, and social skills.

 Each student will have an individualized visual schedule and their own independent work area.

Each student will also have a parent and/or guardian communication folder.  This Folder will be sent home daily in your student’s backpack. In the folder, you will find information on your child’s day, school paperwork, and homework to be completed.  Please sign and return this folder daily. It is important to check your child’s backpack every day. I will work very hard to help your child understand this is his/her responsibility to return the folder daily, and a homework grade will be given for this responsibility.


We will have a classroom wide behavior management system in addition to your student’s behavior intervention plans should they have one. We have a thermometer on our bulletin board that has green, red and yellow levels. Each student has a clothespin on the chart. The goal is to stay on green. If a rule is broken, which we review daily, their clip gets moved. At the end of each class period we do thermometer checks. If the student is on green they get a reward such as a pencil eraser or a few skittles. They also get a check mark on the chart below. At the end of the day if they have 6 out of 7 checks they get to go to the prize box. We then graph their checks on the Fun Friday graph. Their bar has to hit the line on the graph to earn their fun Friday treat. This is a great system because it allows the students to see their progress through out the week by watching their bar go up!


If you would like to observe our classroom, please make arrangements with one of the campus principals.  We ask that observations be limited to 45-minutes in order to minimize disruptions to the student’s structured daily schedule. If you need to set up teacher conference, please see contact information below.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.a

Conference Period: 3rd period: 10:30-11:15


School Name: Doerre Intermediate

Class Phone: 832-249-5746

Mrs. Kane