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Doerre Math Club

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                             DOERRE MATH CLUB CALENDAR 2017-2018

We do not have a finalized calendar set for this year as of yet.  Please check this site periodically for updates.

Saturday, February 10, 2018 ------------------------------------ MathCounts Chapter Competition @ Fluor (Sugar Land)

* Sign up and practice using: MathCounts Trainer

 * Sign up for a username on and read through the MathCounts forum.

* Purchase, read and work through the lessons in the Art of Problem Solving text books.

* Take an online course through The Art of Problem Solving.

* Do practice tests from home and come to practice with questions.

Math Club Links (click any):

* MathCounts Homepage

* MathCounts Practice Drills

* Number Sense Lessons

* Art of Problem Solving Videos