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Mission Statement
The 2nd Chance Program offers Klein ISD students who did not graduate on time or who are at risk of not graduating an opportunity to earn their high school diploma.  They often have contributing factors that may include a variety of personal, social, medical or educational reasons. The program couples self-paced, online learning with content area teacher assistance, tutoring for required state testing, and mentor support.  We also offer college and career counselor services on a weekly basis and support for our teen parents as needed.  Our coordinator and staff work diligently to help remove any barriers to graduation for our students.    

Student Expectations
Students are expected to:

- provide their own transportation.
- follow the District Student Code of Conduct as well as rules specific to the program.
- meet course completion goals.
- attend on a regular basis.
- work on their classes at home on a daily basis.

Benefits for Students 
Earn high school diploma            
Increase opportunity for success
Create a better life
Increase earning potential

Program Features
- Online learning
- EOC tutoring
- Flexible schedule
- Self
- Ongoing enrollment

- T
eachers mentor students as well as provide content area support
- College Advisor assists student in the college application and financial aid process
 - Social Workers are available to provide additional supports as needed